A Midwestern company, founded with Midwestern values...




A Partner in Providing Quality Supply Chain Solutions.


Welcome to The Boulder Company

The Boulder Company is an industrial distributor specializing in the supply of more than 100,000 components and parts through direct customer relationships. We provide global sourcing/procurement and performance-based logistics services to ensure we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We are a Midwestern company, founded with Midwestern values, emphasizing personalized service with a global footprint.

Drawing upon our wide range of complementary services and the technology to design individual programs for each of our customers, we move beyond the role of "supplier" to "partner", providing solutions for your complex sourcing needs. From design engineering and product development to quality assurance, inventory management, assembly and custom packaging, we coordinate a wide range of services to help our customers reduce overall costs, ensure quality and meet delivery requirements.

The Boulder Company offers ISO 9001-2015 certified operations in four locations across the Midwest with over 80,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space:

Des Moines, IA ▪ North Sioux City, SD ▪ Lincoln, NE ▪ Spencer, IA

The Boulder Company recognizes that each of our customers face a unique set of challenges to remain competitive. For over 30 years, our customers have established confidence in our ability to find cost effective solutions to their specific needs. Click here for information on how we can help your organization or call us toll free at 800-283-6078

A Partner in Providing Quality Supply Chain Solutions